Reduce Your Anxiety through Preventative Practices

Reduce your anxiety through these practices I've been using for years! I can pinpoint the exact moment my anxiety started: during a math test in my senior year of high school. I panicked over an equation and ended up asking to go to the nurse's office. I've lived with anxiety since that point.  Since I don't want to take any medications, there are quite a few things I do in my routine everyday and tools I use to help me relax if my anxiety levels rise. For almost a decade, I've amassed quite a few tools and practices to help…

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How to Calm Down if You’re Feeling Anxiety

I get it, I've been there too. You need something to reduce your anxiety right now because you're feeling overwhelmed and anxious and antsy. Here's some tips and practices on how to calm down. Not every practice will work for every one. Some of these work for me sometimes, and sometimes they don't. That's why I have so many to draw from and try when I need it. I hope this helps you.   What If I have Anxiety Right Now? Here's How to Calm Down I've learned about a lot of techniques to help with anxiety or panic attacks in…

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My Favorite Podcasts

I didn't listen to podcasts for the longest time, but then after much consideration I decided to download the Google podcast app and looked for a few to try out. I initially subscribed to a million of them, but I narrowed it down to my three favorite podcasts that I listen to regularly. I also listen to a few other podcasts occaisionally and like them so I included them here as well. Check out the list! 1. Practical Positivity, by Sophie Cliff My absolute favorite podcast is Practical Positivity, run by Life Coach Sophie Cliff. She gives tips and advice on…

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Mindfulness: Live in the Present Moment!

A mindfulness practice could help you live a more positive and fulfilling life. A basic definition of mindfulness would be: living in the present moment; but there is so much more to it than that. It helps you live in the present, but it also helps you live with gratitude, kindness, curiosity, and self-compassion. I really got interested in the practice of mindfulness when I came across a new book on the topic at the library. I ended up buying it and highlighting it like crazy because the things the author talks about are so so important. The book, which…

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Self Care Practices & Anxiety Tips

Meditation to Reduce Stress and Relax

Meditation is a proven way to reduce stress. And in the stressful society we've been living in nowadays, I feel like more people should be open to the practice.  I've known about meditation for quite a few years, but I only really started practicing it regularly when my anxiety kind of flared up last year due to a stressful situation. I've been practicing almost daily now for several months and have started noticing some real benefits from it. Meditation is great for my mental health, and it can be for yours too. Benefits of Meditation Meditation has become an ingrained…

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