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Mom’s Garden

My mom is really into gardening. I didn’t appreciate the gardens when I was younger, but now I sure do!

My parents have a few different spaces on their property where they have gardens, but I happened to photograph the garden out by the front stoop where my mom keeps some herbs and flowers. 


Really pretty hydrangeas line the whole front of the house. They are a mix of blues, pinks and purples. They’re so vibrant in the spring and summer. 

mom's garden

There’s also a few lone marigolds in front of the hydrangeas. They bring the orange and yellow to the table. I think the seeds from these little guys blew in from somewhere else or my mom grew them the year before. They’re kind of randomly placed near the hydrangeas. 

mom's garden

Check out this cool bumble bee action shot. I was playing around with the settings on the DSLR. This is in sports mode, so it can catch fast moving objects like this cute little bumble bee. 

mom's garden

I took a lot of pictures of these little guys. They were cool subjects to try and photograph since they moved around so much. I love how crisp the pictures came out, so you can see even the detail on their wings. 

mom's garden

Last but not least is a couple pictures of little lone johnny jump ups (violets) growing in through cracks on the stoop. My mom grows them in a pot on the stoop, so some seeds must and blown around and they found new homes in the between the bricks. 

johnny jump up mom's garden

I love my mom’s garden! What do you think? What flowers do you have in your garden? Comment below and let me know.

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