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Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial day weekend this year was my husband and I’s 10th Anniversary. We’ve been together a whole decade, crazy! So we had some low key celebrations. We plan on going out to dinner once the restaurants start to open back up. 

My husband got me a DSLR Camera as an anniversary gift so I can take some great pictures for my blog. He also knows I love photography. I love taking pictures of animals and nature as well as my food. So we got to play around with the new camera last weekend. 

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baby goat

We took our new camera and we went out to the eastern portion of Long Island where there’s farms and vineyards and parks. We stopped at one of our favorite places, a goat dairy farm: Catapano. They’ve won awards for their cheese. I took some pictures of their beautiful goats and we bought fresh chevre goat cheese! I usually refrain from all dairy, but I can eat a little of this cheese and it doesn’t bother me. I just think of it as a little treat. 


After the dairy farm we found a little preserve to walk through that we’ve never been in before. It was beautiful and green and there was a tiny pond we got to see that had dozens of little baby tadpoles. The sun was bright and shining; it was such a beautiful day! 


I took pictures of some of the beautiful flowers there was around too. There were some big purple lupines and a cute little yellow flower. 

lupine flower

I got some sort of darkening effect around the yellow flower. Practicing with this camera is going to be quite fun!

Then after the park, we went to my parents house to have a birthday dinner for my brother. He turned 23 this year. He requested king krab legs for dinner and I made him cinnamon buns and a Sauron tower birthday cake. Let me preface this by saying, I do not have any experience in cake decorating! This cake was an accomplishment for me. It was pretty delicious too. 

birthday cake

On Memorial Day, we had a BBQ with my parents with all the fixings: hot dogs, hamburgers, potato salad, bean salad and dessert! I would say all in all, not too shabby for Memorial Day weekend. 

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  1. Claudio Ventura

    I want to go back and say hi to the Goats and get more CHEESE!

    1. Sweet Melissa

      We definitely need to get more cheese! 🙂

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