Books about Books for Book Lovers

It definitely seems a bit funny, but if you're in on the amazingness that is books about books you'll know what I mean! Bookish subjects like libraries, bookstores, librarians, academia and researchers all have a place in my heart.  If you haven't read a book in this genre yet, I firmly believe I can turn you to the dark side if you read one of the books I have listed here. These books transcend genres like fantasy, scifi and mystery. You might find all three in some!  There's something for everyone here so pick what speaks most to you and…

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The Best Self Help Books for Everyone

I've read my fair share of self-help books! I tend to go back to the ones I love again and again for advice or positive words.  Need a little pick me up? Self Help. Feeling lost? Self Help. Trying to make a hard decision? Self Help. Creative or writer's block? Self Help!!  So without further ado, here are my favorite self help books for you! Previous Next Best Self-Help Books for Everyone Daring Greatly, By Brene Brown  5/5 Find on Goodreads Let me tell you, I haven't read all of Brene's books yet, but I sure plan to! Her…

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Animal Behavior: A Reading List

Something many people don't know about it me is that I'm fascinated with animal behavior. Books on how animals operate, their emotions and motivators really interests me.  I double majored in English and Anthropology for my undergrad college years. For my Anthropology major, I took classes like Primate Behavior, Comparative Anatomy, and Human Evolution and Behavior. My interest branched off from there.  I've read quite a few books on the topic of animal behavior, their thoughts and feelings, and a book on some great primatologists of our time. If you're interested too, I have quite a few recommendations. I loved…

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Christmas Reading List to Keep the Cheer Alive

If you still want to stay in the Christmasy mood like I do, I suggest reading some Christmasy books while listening to Christmas music. I hate that the radios stop playing Christmas music the minute the holiday ends. I would leave my Christmas tree around year up if I could!  Hopefully these books will bring a little extra Christmas cheer into your life.  Previous Next Here's Some Christmas Reading: One Day in December, by Josie Silver  5/5 Find on Goodreads Laurie experiences love at first sight when her bus stops and she makes eye contact with a man sitting…

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My Favorite Food Blogs

So I thought it would be fun to share my favorite food blogs. These are the blogs of people I frequently go to for inspiration and read just because I love to read anything they have to write.  And of course because I love their recipes! This post is updated (April 2021) with a new favorite of mine which I've been going to frequently. Read to the bottom to find out all my favorite food blogs! 1. David Lebovitz David's blog has been around for a long time, I think he might have started it in the 90's if I…

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