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Bronx Zoo: Jungle World Langurs Pt. 1

I told you, you would be in for more photos from the Bronx Zoo! Besides the Gorillas, I love going to see the Jungle World Langurs. They are my favorite in that whole exhibit!

jungle world langurs

These were taken with my old Canon, not the new DSLR. Still really good pictures I think, but I can’t wait until all the exhibits at the Bronx Zoo open again. 

jungle world langurs

I love this photo. He almost looks like he’s getting ready to smile. 

jungle world langurs

This one is the product of patiently waiting in the exhibit for a half an hour, as other visitors pass take a look and pass through. 

He’s posing for his school portrait, looking right at me. A perfect shot in my book.

jungle world langurs
baby langur

Here I moved into the next exhibit where there’s a bigger group of langurs and there’s babies! The babies of this species are bright orange so the parents can easily keep an eye on where they are. 

The color of their hair changes to gray as they get older. This little guy is already starting to turn gray. 

jungle world langurs

This little guy isn’t turning gray just yet. I absolutely adore this photo. 

I often take the time to trek out to the zoo by myself so I can take my time in the exhibits I want to. I could spend a good hour in here watching and photographing the babies. 


I end with this dramatic photo, another of my favorites. It reminds me of a renaissance painting. There’s drama unfolding with one langur splayed out as he’s being groomed, and baby to the side could care less. It’s quite striking to me. 

There are more Jungle World Langurs photos to come! I can’t get enough of these little guys.

If you’ve read this far and love these langurs as much as me, you’ll be pleased to know the Bronx Zoo has a live cam in their exhibit so you can watch them from home!

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