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Aromatherapy Stress Balls DIY Stress Relief

Aromatherapy stress balls are something I think every person should have right now! It’s nice to squeeze in your hand like a traditional stress ball with the added benefits of calming essential oils to smell as well. It’s super easy to make too. You can even make it with your kids as a fun craft!

I’ve made a few stress balls by now and used different essential oil blends each time. You can really have fun and experiment with this stress relieving activity. 

aromatherapy stress balls

What Are Essential Oils?

Essential oils are essences extracted from plant matter. They can be used for a multitude of things from aromatherapy to skin care to homemade cleaning products. I actually use them for all of the above! If you want to start using and learning about essential oils, I recommend taking some books out at the library and reading up! (of course the librarian is recommending you go to the library) 

I would say these aromatherapy stress balls are the perfect beginner activity for using essential oils. Since you’ll have extra essential oils leftover after this craft, you could also invest in an essential oil diffuser, so you can have the relaxing smell of essential oils being diffused throughout your home. 

For book recommendations, check out Mountain Rose Herbs

Aromatherapy Stress Balls: Fun for Kids!

This doesn’t have to be just an adult craft. You can make aromatherapy stress balls with your child as well! They will have a fun activity to do and something to play around with afterwards. 

aromatherapy stress balls

Stress Ball Supplies

It’s a super small list! Get ready for this diy by gathering:

  • Balloon
  • Flour
  • Empty Disposable Water Bottle
  • Essential Oils
  • Scissors
  • Paper
  • Tape

Let's Make it!

This comes together very quickly. You can probably do this whole craft in under 15 minutes. Here’s some instructions with pictures, but keep scrolling if you want to watch the video. 

  1. Gather your supplies: dry empty water bottle, 3/4 cup flour, balloon, essential oils of choice, scissors, tape and paper. 
aromatherapy stress balls supplies

2. Create a funnel out of the paper and tape together.

paper funnel aromatherapy stress balls

3. Using the funnel scoop all the flour into the water bottle. 

4. Add the essential oils of your choosing. About 20 drops total is best. I did 10 drops of orange and 10 of lavender in this picture. 

aromatherapy stress balls

5. Cap your water bottle and vigorously shake it for about a minute to disperse the essential oils in the flour. 

shake water bottle

6. This is important! Blow up your balloon to about double the size. Twist the end so the air doesn’t come out, then attach it to the top of the water bottle (cap off). 

Once fastened untwist the balloon, and squish all the flour into the balloon. 

7. Once all flour is in balloon, twist the end of the balloon again to prevent air from coming out, then detach from water bottle. 

Let out air from the balloon slowly, otherwise the flour will come out too! Then tie off the end and you have a stress ball!

aromatherapy stress balls

There you have it! Lovely smelling, easy, homemade aromatherapy stress balls. Perfect for kids and adults alike. This is not a permanent thing though. The stress ball will eventually break as it gets older. Depending on how much you use it, it should last at least a few months. 

Below is  the video tutorial I published on my Youtube Channel. It’s under 5 minutes!

I enjoy making easy fun crafts so look out for more posts and videos! I have a paper flower tutorial if you want to make some beautiful timeless roses out of old book pages. 

When you make this craft, be sure to comment and let me know how it goes! Comments on my blog allow more people to see it, so I really appreciate it. You can tag me on social media too, on Facebook and Instagram

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